Life Update

For the longest time, I proudly stated that I was a pessimist. I mean, if I expected the worse to happen and it did, then I wouldn’t be upset. And if the worse didn’t happen, then I would be pleasantly pleased. (I know, that’s a bit of an optimistic way of looking at things).

Recently, however, I’ve tried to look at the brighter side of things. I’m not saying that I’m being naive in my thinkings and completely denying anything bad could happen, but I’m trying to keep good vibes flowing.

It’s hard.

Today I went for a 3 mile walk and man was I pumped. I hadn’t had access to my school’s gym because it’s summer break and so I hadn’t been getting in any exercise. Today, I walked a local trail and ended up going over the 2 miles I had walked Monday.

It was awesome.

My grandma even called as I was on my way back to the car and we set up a lunch date. She even decided that Monday was going to be my “back to school” shopping day for clothes. Admittedly, I was pretty thrilled. That is, until I was almost to my car and dropped my plastic water bottle onto the concrete.

My nice bottle that proudly had my freshman dorm name printed on its clear base in pink text was shattered. Not only that, but the water had completely soaked into my shoes.

I was pissed.

To make matters worse, in just the short distance it took to get to my car, some person decided to start spraying the plants along the trail with pesticides. Pesticides that made me gag and sprint the rest of the way to my vehicle.

Now, you’re probably wondering: so what? it’s just a water bottle.

And you’re right.

It was just a water bottle. At the moment, I don’t really have a brighter side to the situation to share with everyone, but I’m keeping my eye out for it.

I didn’t go outside today with the idea that something was going to go wrong.

That was something I used to do all the time. I would wake up in the mornings and dread the coming hours just knowing that something bad was coming. Now that I no longer think this way, bad things are fewer and farer between.

I like to think that the universe decides what situations come to you because of the energy you exude. This isn’t always the case (I just got a text this afternoon saying a former co-worker of mine had passed) but the universe is known to throw out curveballs every now and again.

So, if you’re going to take anything from this post I hope it’s the fact that if you start thinking and acting more positively then good things are bound to happen – also, hold onto that water bottle just a little tighter!


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